Saturday, January 31, 2009

Work & Wine Flights

This last month has been given over to me to study blogs and blogging as part of my job. In the process I got my husband to start a blog and decided today that I can just ramble on to myself and if anyone else wants to chime in..well ok. have at it.

My life at any given moment is either fantastic or majorly sucks. The former is usually just the way things are. I have dogs, cats, goats & donkeys. How grumpy can you stay when a donkey turns it's head sideways and looks you in the face? The later usually is directly related to work. Or specifically my boss, who since this happens to be one of those "sucks" timeframes (note Saturday afternoon when my life should be my own), I will, in the interest of keeping my job (although at the moment I cannot figure out why I still want it...Maybe that double digit unemployment rate in my state...) will not elaborate on even though it would make the funniest blog ever written outside of the Julie/Julia Project blog. Seriously if you have not read this blog it is classic. This is all I can find of it so I might have to buy the book.

On that note I will say most of his problems can be cured with wine. Not for him, for me. Since they seem to be mine too.

 I like good wine. OK, I like good wine to start with. After a couple of glasses anything that resembles Easter egg dye with a kick will do. 

Recently I have discovered wine flights. 

Wine flights are little taster sets of wine. You can look on a whole wine list and get say, 3 (depending on the flight) different wines in smaller doses. Usually a 2.5 oz pour. These little puppies have sure caused me to break out of my wine shell and try some new stuff. For instance, I am not usually too find of Pinot Noir. Probably a criminal statement of some kind in my state (OR) where the majority of wineries produce the stuff. Thursday night the sommelier, a very knowledgeable young woman at P.F. Chang's talked me into trying the Benton Lane Pinot Noir. She really appealed to my true nature when she said "It's $12 a glass normally." DANG! The whole flight was only $8. Sure worth a try. So very good. Of the three wines I sampled that is the only one I remember. I saw it today in the market on sale for $20.97 a bottle. I almost bought one. If I hadn't been loaded up on Super Bowl party food I would have gone for it. I know my football friends would scarf it down like Gallo.

I am going to investigate this whole wine flights thing some more. 
Have a good weekend and thanks for listening.

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