Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bluebirds & Full City Coffee

Here I am in Eugene, OR. I think all it does here is rain…rain…rain…Occasionally I see blue sky in between the fat gray clouds. Things grow here, mold and other green things. I think the sun shines on the weekend when I am not here. There has to be sun for things to grow right? OK no more whining…..(about rain)

Today I saw a bluebird. I have seen lots of blue jays of all kinds and I’ve seen lots of carvings, pictures etc of bluebirds (so I know what one looks like.) but today I actually saw one. I got to watch it for a while. This one was bigger than I thought it would be and very pretty. It looked like this.

Apparently they got pretty scarce in the 40’s but are making a comeback. Possibly thanks to these people. http://www.prescottbluebird.com/BB_Article98.htm

It was quite a treat to get to watch this guy party on the roof next door. Hope he finds a girlfriend. Thanks buddy for entertaining me in that longgggggggg all day conference.

Since I mostly blog about my nighttime cuisine I thought I would let you know where I eat during the day. Sorry… no alcohol ….The job may drive me to drink but only after hours.
Down the street is a place we are making a habit. Full City Coffee.

They are a small coffee roaster and coffee café. Great coffee, perfect pastries and quiche that is comfort food for me. Today I had some kind of chocolate orange late thingy. It was heavenly. The baristas are very friendly and know their stuff. The place is always packed with people hanging out and doing things people do at coffee cafes. Computers, newspapers, friend chatting etc.
Now if I could just see the bluebird from there……

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