Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dave’s Garden-Welcome Home

I got the planting bug…again.

Usually this inspires fear in the heart of plants everywhere and my husband who mans the finances …because I’m not good at it….but I never give up.

This year I have no kids at home and minimal livestock to care for. Really almost none since my husband does the caring while I work out of town. (Hey, these days if the job pays well, out of town is fine.)

So……incoming…..by the bucket. (pictures)

Dahlias, been a favorite of mine since Great-Grandpa had them.
Johnny Jump-Ups, Mom’s favorite. Must be genetic.

Daylilies, daffodils, crocus, hyacinth, coneflowers, iris, sunflowers, tomatoes, herbs, etc.. You get the picture. If it grows and it’s legal I want some…..

Last year I was stuck on trees. Planted a 4 in 1 apple (Bob) and a Vanderswolf Pyramid Pine (Charlie)..Yep. I name the trees.

Now on to Dave’s Garden. http://www.davesgarden.com/

This time I am engaging help. A whole online community of gardening people who look like they’ve had some success! I love it when I sign on it says “Welcome Home Beadmom” (That’s me.)

This home has lots of flowers and lots of friendly people. Right away I was greeted by people and offered free seeds. Free is my favorite!

Originally I signed up for the free section but quickly realized I wanted to subscribe. $19.9? a year. Call it $20. In one day it was worth the price. I learned how to plant $40 worth of Dahlia tubers without killing them all which I surely would have done! Kind people check to see if I have a designated watering person while I am out of town. I tell them I do and if he fails in that job I'll hide his Girl Scout cookies. They deemed that a suitable threat.

There are tons of forums (discussion boards), blogs, flower, bird & bug data bases, journaling, photos etc. There is a rating of companies so you know before you buy how good they are and much, much more.

I am currently involved in 11 boards. Photos, Pacific Northwest Gardening, Books, Movies & TV, Beginner Flowers, Farm Life, Beginner Gardening Questions, Dahlias, Poultry & Livestock, Beginner Landscaping, Sustainable Alternatives and Equine Forum,

Lots of great conversation in all the things I love.

Here is a picture of the converted computer desk in its new function as an indoor garden center as mentioned in http://gingerrambleson.blogspot.com/2009/03/planting-seeds-granddaughters.html.

I just called home. My sprouts are doing well.

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  1. Ginger, talk to Duncan, he's my gardening angel, his mother was a master gardener and Duncan has a outdoor green thumb. He does all our outdoor gardening.
    It's been busy here today. Stacks and stacks of books.