Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Boat Trip & How Things Come Together

Once someone at work said she would like to sell tickets to a little boat tour through my brain. Then would come the days where she would look at me with a strange face and say, ”The tour is CLOSED today!” She is long gone from there and so I am…sort of… but the phrase still pops up now and then because others migrated with me that are still somewhat interested in the whole concept.

Here is an example of how I put things together. Usually there is no road map so you are special to get this glimpse. (Sort of like an actual tour.)

Yesterday I blogged about bluebirds.

Usually I blog about wine (and food).

Today while on another blog I follow about wine I found I wanted to comment on something that wasn’t there. (don’t try and understand.. just get on the boat and let it drift.) That led me to another site where something at the bottom of the page caught my eye about eco-conscious wineries….

This got me interested in what that meant exactly. The boat drifted on and passed by Sokol Blosser Winery and how they got into The Natural Step program. and here is what came back to me under “PRODUCTION”…..

“Is part of the Prescott Western Bluebird Recovery Project with a dozen bluebird houses in the vineyard. It now has a small flock of about 25 bluebird residents that help to control insects.”

Remember yesterday’s bluebird? And the conservation project mentioned?

And the boat docks.


  1. Hi Ginger, I tried to leave a message yesterday and it was up, but now it seems to be gone. I've read a couple of your post back, I am going to spend some time later today and read more.
    I like your pictures.

  2. Thanks Linda. I got to start reading your blog today. Do we ever feel like voyers on other people's lives doing this? I think I feel more like I am not alone!