Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Want A Duck

I want a duck. I love ducks.

It’s chick & duck season.. all my friends at are getting baby ducks…..

I work out of town a lot. Maybe I could have a baby duck in a little tub on my desk? Some people have fish in a globe, sorta the same thing isn’t it? Well, maybe except for the wet duckie footprints on my keyboard. I WANT A DUCK!!!!!

Maybe I would get two baby ducks so they could play with each other. The only thing cuter than a baby duck is TWO baby ducks.

If I had a baby duck I think I would get a Swedish Blue. They are very cute… see.

And pretty handsome as adults.

I really want a wood duck. They are much smaller and very colorful. Once at the fair there was a wood duck in a cage swimming in a roaster. He looked very happy. I wanted to yell RUN WHILE YOU CAN BEFORE THE WATER HEATS UP!!!!

There are currently 49 genera recognized within the family, of which 18 are so far listed below. There is some disagreement concerning exactly how many species are contained within the Anatidae family. Conservative estimates put the number at 147. Due to recent taxonomic splits, with undoubtedly more to follow, there may be as many as 164 species. Some authorities suggest the Magpie Goose should be placed in its own family, Anseranatidae.

I have no idea what that says except I think they don’t really know but they can shuffle some around.

Still, I might want to rethink this and being a good proponent of proper animal care settle on one little plastic rubber duckie……in a bowl…with a plant.

….and be happy one of my new friends offered to name a wood duck after me. I hope I get daily duckling updates on my namesake.

*snif* I want a duck.

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  1. I love your little yellow duck. I think it's one of the special breed of Yellow Legless Peeper. Congrats on your new duck! LOL!