Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday Night at The Blacksmith

My husband became an antique on Friday (50) so the plan was to go out to dinner somewhere nice. As usual the plan was thwarted by a last minute emergency that didn’t put me out of work until after 9:00pm, still with a 2 ½ hour drive home. I did get home in time to wish him a happy birthday while it was actually still his birthday and fall into bed.

Saturday we got to make up for it. Dinner at The Blacksmith in Bend, OR.
We have wanted to go there for a long time and just had never made the time for it. Then I pretty much went vegetarian and it’s a steakhouse……Saturday we went. It was a food event.

We invited our 23 yr old daughter, Cassie, the 2009 Sister’s Rodeo Queen, since we don’t get to see her much.

First we shared the house salad and the flaming tableside spinach bacon salad (we like flames), both were wonderful. Then we all had steak. I am only going to talk about mine since I didn’t eat theirs. They did seem to enjoy theirs though….The lick marks on the plates were a give-away.
I had “The Cheesesteak” which was a filet on top of some yummy mashed potatoes with truffle oil, leeks, mushrooms and some other stuff…..The filet itself, Cascade Natural Beef, WA, was outstanding. Cooked perfectly (barely cooked…which is perfect in my opinion). On top was this melted cheese to die for, I don’t usually go for cheese on filet but the description lured me into trying it. Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk Triple Cream

and was perfect for the steak. I paired it with the Whitehall Lane 2005 Merlot. This lush red went very well with the steak and cheese. Held its own without overpowering anything.

For dessert we shared the chef’s choice dessert platter for 4. (opps) We ate the phantom guests part too I guess. Chocolate cake, crème brule w/ raspberry sorbet, pumpkin bread pudding, a martini glass with several kinds of sherbets and sorbets and some little homemade cookies that were great.

I paired my dessert with the 2005 Selak's Ice Wine, New Zealand (Can’t find a website). It was really nice. This ice wine has a little bit of a white raisin tang as well as great rich fruit flavor so it was bright enough to shine with dessert in fine fashion.

Our server, Jennifer (sp?) was very knowledgeable about wine and the meals served at The Blacksmith. She really was fun as well as professional.

We had a memorable, unhurried evening.

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