Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Very Short Story On Cabernet & Spies

Last night I cannot comment on much except for the wine. How much trouble can you get it talking about wine?.... Unless you’ve just been stopped by a cop for a possible DUI. Probably not a good time to give a dissertation on wine.

OK. So I was spying on someone. It wasn’t stalking, I don’t intend to make a habit of it so that makes it “an investigation”.. .and Spy sounds more fun than “investigator” coupled with a great restaurant and wine. Very sexy. So nice that the spyee had great taste in food. Did I mention I love my job? (ok right then… there are frequent times I’d rather be on fire, just out of reach of chocolate or told that prohibition has been reinstated.)

So after leaving my trench coat and slouchy hat at the door I knew I had to blend in so I scored a really nice ’06 Chateau St. Jean Cabernet. Hearty red but with mellow oak and just an all around pleasant finish. It went really well with my seafood pasta in red sauce. This place also had the most heavenly chocolate orange cake thing. Yummy. I was about to try a dessert wine with it when I realized that falling off the barstool might attract attention (a good spy uh.. investigator… does not attract attention) and I also had my car down the street and it was a long walk back to the quaint motel next to the BINGO biker bar. I did not want to be giving dissertations of any kind to any law enforcement…..I had coffee. It was great.

I said this would be short so that’s it.


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