Friday, February 20, 2009

Unmasking the BINGO Biker Bar

Since I have practically moved there now I guess I should unmask the BINGO Biker Bar. Drum Rolllllll……………… The Downtown Lounge otherwise known as Diablo’s in Eugene, Oregon is fondly known to us as The BINGO Biker Bar.

Owner-Troy (last name unknown..OK I'm sure HE knows it...maybe..but I don't.) ,described in the BINGO, The Bar & Bad Fairies post as the Oak Ridge Boy with a George Carlin sense of humor makes sure everyone is safe and has a home there. He has a great taste in beer and rotates the selection with local up and coming brews, the latest being the Ninkasi Believer. I read the reviews and they all do it justice. It's a really fine beer. The menu is VERY good and unique, plenty of room for a vegetarian to graze with the carnivores. The calendar of events is strong enough to bring people back on a nightly basis. Something creative and different every night with extra special events thrown in. (Naked Sushi on Valentine’s Day, Fetish night, etc… Makes me really glad I’ll be in town for St. Patrick’s Day!) Really, check the website. (Ignore the poker thing on Wednesday night… it’s Funky now.) Tuesday Tacos are pretty awesome and of course BINGO night is just an event to remember EVERY week….

Manager-Joey (“Dark Joe”) is kind of quiet and possibly seems to be the sanest person in the place. (I am sure if anyone reads this from the bar they will probably roll laughing at me.) Either he is, or I have not spent enough time around him. He also is a great D.J, BINGO caller and devilishly handsome. (Strictly an unbiased option from a very married woman.)

White Joe- Otherwise known as the “BINGO stud” in my previous posts, well…. I am not really sure what White Joe does there… they might not be either….he does in his strange way attract ladies (I think it’s that “rescue him from the pound before they put him down” feeling.) and they buy him drinks, so he is good for business…. We have now coined a new slogan for Diablo’s “Friends don’t let friends do White Joe.” There is no really describing White Joe other than what I have in previous posts….He is going into the Army soon and Afghanistan is NOT prepared I guarantee you.

The bartenders I have met are, Yulika (sp?), River and Jory (sp?) all are funny, friendly and pour a good honest drink.

This is a strange comfortable melting pot zone for everyone. Really! There is a regular group of older ladies from New York dressed to kill, that come to have a drink and play BINGO with Bikers and Gay guys and us crazy girls. After 9:00pm the place is hopping every night. Bands from all over come and play and everyone has a good time. Sometimes a little too good ….

Come on down…..

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